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The Secret to Optimum Health and Success.

Jun 01, 2024

I am super excited that you have found your way to PrimeFITTlife.  I hope you become a regular reader of this blog, and follow us on our social media platforms.  I promise to add posts and content when I believe that the information will help you live the longest and healthiest life possible.

If you have been a follower, you may know that I am a staunch believer that the path to achieving better health begins with our ability to understand not only what we need to DO or add to our lifestyle, but also to make the connection to WHY the new habit will benefit you.  I have found the best results are achieved when you go a step deeper, and learn HOW it will elevate your health.  By becoming what I call a DO'er, you are taking the first step towards transformation. When you become a WHY'er and ultimately a HOW'er you will find it easier to make things stick.  When a new habit "sticks" you are better able to make it a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Becoming what I call a lifelong learner, and a seeker of knowledge you can achieve almost anything.

One of my favorite sources for knowledge in this information available world we now live in is utilizing my time better and listening to a few podcasts when the opportunity presents itself.  Most of your music and news platforms now include PODCASTS as well,  Among the over 5 million podcasts that are currently available, are many that are produced by experts in their field of study and work. If you are interested health and learning what you could do to increase not only your Lifespan, but your Health span as well I suggest you subscribe to the "Doctor's Farmacy" by Dr. Mark Hyman. His weekly podcast offers you basic knowledge as to what you can do to optimize your health, but offers you insight into the "why" and "how" as well.  I always get valuable insight and learn a tremendous amount from him and his guests. I call this source as attending podcast university because this type of knowledge is usually found only by attending a College or University.

Periodically I will take some excerpts from his and other equally popular professionals and offer posts that I know you will find helpful.

Until next time, Stay Safe and Live your best Healthy life! 


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