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Hello, I'm Tim Carney.

Hello there! I am Timothy Carney a normal guy with over 60 year old genes, but with teenage enthusiasm and a desire to spread my passion for fitness around the globe. I grew up in a traditional small suburban city in Northeast Ohio where we ran, biked, and played street sports dreaming of one day being a successful professional athlete.

Life had a different plan in mind for me and instead, I spent 33 years as a professional firefighter learning how to train firefighters to prepare and excel in this rewarding but physically demanding career. I became a certified personal trainer and developed wellness/fitness programs through my Firehouse-Fitness platform that was used to construct the blueprint I continue to use today with clients of all ages and abilities.

In 2021 I created and launched my PrimeFITT brand of programs that
are designed specifically for those over 50 who are looking for no nonsense, age and fitness appropriate methods to revitalize their lives and maximize their health. With my individualized and group based coaching programs I am bringing my passion for fitness to community, recreation, and senior centers.

My Story

Timothy Carney, a Retired Firefighter, is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, and Fitness Instructor who now specializes working with those over 50, looking to develop a personalized blueprint to regain their health and youthful vitality. Tim Founded Firehouse-Fitness, LLC to assist Fire Departments start Wellness/Fitness programs in their jurisdictions. After retiring from the fire service after 33 years, Tim recommitted himself to continue to provide Wellness & Fitness programming. For many years Tim worked one-on-one with people from their 30’s thru their 80’s. It became clear that no age was too late to turn a lifestyle from sedentary to extraordinary. Through his work in private fitness facilities, recreation centers, and even in senior residential communities he found that those over 50 are in need of age appropriate “FUNctional” training classes, and health-based lifestyle instruction that will lead to improving overall health and functional fitness capabilities. Tim developed a NEW set of protocols through his PrimeFITT brand, and the platform. He works with small or large groups coaching and training those interested in maximizing their efforts and optimizing their potential and living the life of their dreams. PrimeFITTlife has recently launched an initiative “Forever-FITT”, to offer common sense, appropriately structured fitness programming for seniors who want to and need to get moving and exercising to improve their quality of LIFE. This initiative is a FREE program that can offer weekly fitness and health-based instruction in senior housing facilities with like-minded fitness professionals looking to give back to the communities that they live and work in.

Tim is extremely passionate about spreading his belief that anyone at any age and fitness level can improve their life with a “Fitness First” attitude. He has seen firsthand how starting from step one, anyone can walk themselves into a better lifestyle, and THRIVE for MORE

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