6-Week Program

Small Group Wellness / Fitness Coaching Program

Is This Program for YOU...?

If you are any of these individuals…. This is your Program if…

🟥  You just want to get started and learn about the basic cornerstones of a healthier LIFE

🟥  You understand that you MUST take responsibility and control of your health, nobody else will

🟥  You would love to enroll in the 12-week program, but funds are tight right now

🟥  Are not afraid of computers or tablets and have access to one at home

🟥  Are familiar and comfortable with virtual platforms

6-Week Program Results & Benefits

Results: With this coaching program you…

✅  Will learn about yourself and how your life’s lessons have kidnapped your life

✅  Will see how building and using your TEAM is the key to WINNING

✅  Will understand how to use your past failures to EMPOWER your FUTURE

✅  Will once and for all find a workable BLUEPRINT, your plan to build a sustainable healthier life

✅  Will use this blueprint to build your 4 CORNERSTONES to better health and happiness

✅  Will learn why the 4 cornerstones are just the first building blocks to your SUCCESS

✅  Will use our FITNESS FIRST mantra as the basis for sustainable change

✅  Will learn HOW to safely start and maintain an exercise and FITNESS plan

✅  Will learn to manage healthy GOALS and expectations not unachievable ideals

✅  Will belong to a community that supports YOUR life and will help you THRIVE in YOUR world

✅  Will have access to the many resources that I use to stay FIT, HEALTHY, and HAPPY every day

Senior and Group Discount Pricing
will be discussed during a Discovery Call


6-Week Program Description:

Small Group Wellness
Fitness Coaching Program

This Base-level coaching program was designed and developed to improve overall health with a fitness-first approach.

It is an appropriate program regardless of your age or current health condition.

Enrolling and completing this 6-week program will improve your understanding of how your unique set of needs and capabilities can be optimized to design a blueprint and a lifestyle that will serve you a lifetime.


IMPORTANT:  Class Size is Limited!

Limited Class Size

I only take on a few clients at a time so I can provide the focus and personalized attention to each student and fitness client.

This program was designed around the “learn first” ideology.

In my fitness career I have found that you have a much better chance for success if you understand the “why” and “How” before you get to the “Do”.

We will learn together what to do, and then how to do it, and together we will succeed at improving your state of wellness.

Let me be your coach through this 6-week program, and hopefully for many more years to come.


This 6-week on-line and virtual coaching program will lead you step-by-step through the 4 base cornerstone lessons or modules.

It will transform what you once knew about yourself by developing healthier relationships with fitness, nutrition, managing stress, and staying motivated.

Any fitness professional can sell you a workout plan. But will they get you out of bed and get you motivated to follow through it.

Once we develop your plan and your blueprint you will understand the true value of the program.

Senior and Group Discount Pricing
will be discussed during a Discovery Call



First, we will explore how your past successes and failures have guided you through your life. Then together we can design your best plan and construct your best blueprint for setting you down the path to better health and achieving your core goals and all of the dreams you’ve yet to reach.

The Program is centered around 6-weekly virtual group and individual meetings. The workbook lessons are structured with laser like purpose each identifying each one of the cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling life. Within each lesson we list its main goal and explore content that supports the results you’re looking to develop or the pitfalls you’re looking to avoid. When you make the connections to and find the necessary relevant emotional ties to each lesson, you will enhance and accelerate your results.

Students will also receive weekly individualized consultation sessions and given support including fitness and dietary recommendations that are age and fitness appropriate. That means your fitness plan will be constructed for your current exercise capabilities, and you will understand how to develop an eating plan that works with you not against you.

When the 6-week course is completed, you will have the necessary knowledge and tools for success.

I would love to set aside 10-15 minutes to discuss how this program will prepare you to improve your “Health” and to live “Your life” to the fullest.

Locate the “Schedule a call” button on the top of any page and let’s discuss why there is no better investment in the world than investing in YOURSELF

6-Week Elite-Level Coaching Program includes:


✅  6-week, 6-Module format. Each module delivered weekly

✅  60-90 minute weekly virtual group workbook session

✅  30 minute weekly virtual individual consultation session with initial review of required and supplemental forms

✅  Membership to private group forum and weekly questions

✅  Lifetime Membership and access to PrimeFITTlife private group

✅  Lifetime access to all PrimeFITTlife in-person and virtual webinars

✅  FITTstart exercise guide and supplemental workbook

✅  6-month discounted (50%) pricing for 1-on-1 Fitness Coaching & Training Program

Senior and Group Discount Pricing
will be discussed during a Discovery Call