Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple

We are here to help you get fit and improve your health so that you can live the life that you have always wanted.  Most people have dreams about what they have always wanted for themselves, but because life gets in the way, may not have been successful in reaching their goals. 


PrimeFITT’s mission is to help you navigate through the maze and confusion about what it takes to get healthier by getting fitter first. We will show you how to start an exercise program and how to make it something you love and know will make you a healthier, happier person, and set you up to reach your goals and live your dreams. 


I was lucky enough and privileged for sure to serve in the Fire service helping people survive illness, injuries, and the accidental destruction that fires do to lives. During my career I assembled practical problem-solving skills including how to keep myself physically capable of performing and succeeding in my job. The level of fitness I was able to maintain was made possible by my fitness training knowledge and coaching experience I received as a personal trainer. After my 33 years of service I set out to share what I had learned and to continue my service.


We want to be a source of education, inspiration, and perspiration that can assist and coach you into a better life, today, tomorrow, and as long as you need us.  I do not take this responsibility lightly, because as a first responder I have seen firsthand what poor fitness and poor health does to the quality of one’s life. I have seen family members health decline at an elevated pace due to weak muscles, weak bones, and a sedentary lifestyle. I do not wish that type of suffering for you or your family.


With the novel COVID19 virus today, and the other pandemics that will come, our reality has changed forever. It is apparent to everyone, and reported everywhere, that individuals over 60 with or without preexisting health issues need to be vigilant and stay as healthy and independent as possible to reduce these types of health concerns.


Our philosophy:


I formed PrimeFITT, and first established this personally driven and company delivered philosophy, to formulate real life plans to solve real life health and fitness problems. 


The first part of my philosophy involves the (Take Responsibility for and Take Care of Ourselves first).


Mother Nature and Father Time have awarded us (our problem) for us reaching what many people call the Prime of our lives. I believe that if we truly intend to enjoy this prime of life period, we must first and foremost put ourselves, and our health first. We must give ourselves the priority and care that we need, so that we can be of service to others, and live our lives being health and happy.


As I found through my public service, the highest level or highest quality of service I could perform is first dependent on finding a problem (Health and Fitness), then develop a sound solution to resolve the problem. The most successful outcomes come by applying the solution and achieving the desired results. It works in Community Service, the Fire Service, the Military, and in Medicine. This is the second part of our philosophy (Problem-Plan/Solution-Results).


The reference to FITT in PrimeFITT? We are constantly bombarded with infomercials and junk mail that do more to confuse us rather than provide any relevant ideas. I am a firm believer in the “Keep it Simple Stupid” mantra and will error on that side most times. 


The 4 letters in FITT are an acronym for fitness.  The use of the acronym is used frequently in the industry in describing an exercise: “F” is for frequency, or how often you should perform an exercise; “I” refers to the Intensity of an exercise, which can be adjusted with resistance and pace; “T” stands for the Type of exercise, such as simply taking a walk or getting up and down from a chair (Bodyweight Squats); and “T” is for the amount of Time, we walk or how many repetitions of an exercise we complete. This foundation of periodic and slight changes in the (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) of exercise is what makes up the third part of our PrimeFITT philosophy. 


If we apply these three ideals, we, I mean you and PrimeFITT can solve your problem of creating a program that serves you well.



With our FITTstart Guide, you are taking your first step towards developing a better life for yourself and your family. Ultimately, as you establish fitness-first, you will be introduced to additional guides that will address the 4 cornerstones of a healthier life.  These additional guides will move you closer to understanding the close relationship that your NUTRITION, your MINDSET towards exercise and fitness, and how you manage STRESS has in your life.  We are all on a journey towards a PrimeFITTlife. A truly fitness centered and balanced lifestyle.